When you’re prepared for packing and moving day, not only does it help you feel calmer about what’s about to take place, it also helps us do our job even more effectively. Below are some helpful tips to get you geared up for your big move.

Packing Day

  • Have a clear workspace available for packers.
  • Point out:
    1. Fragile and valuable items.
    2. Items you will be taking with you in your personal vehicle.
    3. Anything to be left for the new owners.

Moving Day (Out)

  • Plan to stay home until the van has departed.
  • Tour house with the van operator during inventory, sign Bill of Lading, and confirm your new address and delivery date.
  • Be sure to check destination contact phone numbers.
  • Perform a final check to ensure there are no overlooked items.
  • Make certain windows and doors are locked, utilities are disconnected or turned off, keys are transferred and lights are turned out.

Moving Day (In)

  • It is a good idea to be at your new home a day ahead of the van to verify utilities are connected and you’ve completed a floor plan that indicates where furniture should be placed. Verify that you are satisfied with this floor plan.
  • As items are unloaded, check them against the inventory.
  • Make arrangements for reinstallation of appliances.
  • Confirm unpacking requirements.
  • Enjoy your new home.
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